[Release] Money wash house

This is my first release to FiveM. Its nothing special but i thought that people might want a place to wash their dirty money instead of just walking up to a locked door and a ring somewhere in the city.
-Cleaned up on the outside
-Removed some props on the outside
-Added the washers
-Moved the desk and some other props

Here’s a preview of what you are adding

Download here
moneywashint.rar (93.6 KB)

–How to add to your server–

Put the moneywashint folder in your streamable folder

All credits goes to me


How to install?

I updated the post :smiley:

oh ok it’s working but do you know how to add a menu for clean dirtymoney?

that’s not the meaning of moneywash but yeah :sweat_smile:

@Darcheur h ok it’s working but do you know how to add a menu for clean dirtymoney?
[Release] ESX_BLACKMONEY (Moneywash)

well obviously you are going to have a script like ESX_BLACKMONEY

Is “test.cwproj” required?

edit: It isn’t.

nope thats just for codewalker

cool mapping, maybe do it MLO ? better for fps :slight_smile:

Do you have pictures?

There’s a video

what he means is dirty money and clean money are physically identical. dirty money is just un taxed income. its usually crime related but it can be anything done off the books. tradesmen do it all the time with cash jobs. its why they do it for cheaper if you pay cash because they dont claim it with the tax man.

these washing machines are used for counterfeit money printing. its to make them look old and used like they been in circulation.

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coords please

You can see the coords on the video

did anyone find out how to put the menu in to clean the money nothing comes up

this just a map you still need a wash script