[Release] Modified Street Names w/ Postal Numbers



You need to install the client side file in-order to see the zoom in data

The Zip file contains the file you need to replace.


Ahh, whoops. I went \FiveM\citizen\ui\ instead of \FiveM\citizen\common\data\ui



UPDATE 09/11/2018 - v1.4

Updated Mapping : Updated Mile Markers to Major Highways / Interstates
Updated Mapping : Added Interstate Routes to Mapping
Fixed: Multiple Duplicate Block Numbers - Thanks to @Bendacat for duplicate numbers -

Added: Optional Mapping with Los Santos County / Blaine County border - added for communities wanting to have multiple sheriff offices with a lore friendly base…


I wish that it would be reliable enough to stream via server side. :frowning:


The map is reliable to stream server side hence its set up to be streamed.
Not sure what issue your having if you’d elaborate id like to know the issue your having.


how do you add map icons im trying to figure that part out and what program did you use to make the map