[Release] Models Whitelist v1.5.4



this is a modified version of @Scammer 's model blacklist, it allows you to have a whitelist on the blacklisted vehicles, so that only certain people will be able to spawn the blacklisted models. This also allows othe users to enter the car as passenger, but the car will be deleted as soon as they get in the driver seat.

What’s new in 1.5.0?
Peds and Weapons whitelist is here! Enjoy :slight_smile:

carwhitelist.rar (2.6 KB)


Whitelist Use of Emergency Vehicles

got an error in carblacklist.lua :stuck_out_tongue:


ahahahah stupid commas, didn’t notice :slight_smile: lemme fix it @Frazzle


this issue has been fixed :slight_smile:


@IceHax I see this includes the weapon blacklist aswell. Where can I find a list of the phonetic names of all the weapons?


this is basically @Scammer 's script modified to have a whitelist for the vehicles models part. That said, weapons name can be found here -----> https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Weapons @CakeArmy_Max


A whitelist for a blacklist :thinking:


Has anyone else had issues with blacklist the grenade launcher, and such? They are still usable?


uhm, this is unlikely to happen, since the only part i modified is the one reguarding vehicles and that @Scammer 's version of the script is working perfectly.


where and how do i whitelist


there’s a file called “whitelist.lua”, the rest is intuitive. @Photobox_2009


For some reason, I am whitelisted to weapons even though I have added myself into Whitelist.lua and are able to access the whitelisted veh but not weapons.


The only thing thats whitelisted as of now are the vehicle models, but i’m gonna release an update soon, so no worries :slight_smile:


Really appreciate it man, amazing script. Looking forward to the update.


The update is out :slight_smile: @ItzDon2016


Would be cool if there were levels of whitelist level 1 would have this vehicle, level 2 would have more vehicle, level 3 would have all vehicle.


let me quote discord on this one




Really appreciate it man, gonna test it out in a little since the server is currently Roleplaying. I’ll let you know about how it goes. Thumbs up for the quick update

EDIT: Weapon section works like a charm apart from the combat rifle, carbine rifle and both gas cans. Will report if anything else does not work .


This is actually really cool. I will be looking into this and waiting for further updates. Thanks :relaxed:


Little issue I’m having it all works great the black and white list, however whitelisted ID’s can use vehicle’s and weapons, but peds does not work. It just outputs that the ped is blacklisted.