[RELEASE] ModelHash To Object Name (53859 OBJECTS!)



When just starting out with FiveM I’ve had quite some trouble on finding the modelname for objects
which I’ve found in the game.

Well @d0p3t recommended me to use Mooshe’s DevTools (which work great btw :slight_smile: ) in my post:

But it still missed many object names for models I needed.
Therefor I decided to convert one of the Object Model Name Extractors which I had made a long
time ago for a different game to take all the known hashes, (auto search) the internet via google
with the program and go through the game files making a second tool i’ve made spawn objects
by file name and return the hash when it’s valid.

After gathering multiple lists (since I didn’t wanted to risk a crash losing all the data with this
'massive “dictionary spawn attack” :rofl:) I used the first mentioned tool I’ve made to merge the
collected data:

(NOTE: This tool is NOT availible for download, and nor will be!)

Then with the same tool I have made 4 different outputs (order of the lists and with prefixes or not)
which can easily be used by you guys to find what you need.

But BEST OF ALL: :rofl: I’ve also made a simple script which can be used in your FiveM console (F8)
directly ingame which will return the model name when you enter the hashcode :slight_smile:

I suppose this would make it a lot easier to obtain model names :slight_smile:
Mooshe’s DevTools (currently) only supports 11428 model names, and @Mooshe is ofcourse 100%
welcome to include my full list in his DevTool :slight_smile:

The list has been checked (automatic AND manually where it did found conflicts) on duplicates,
it has been MASSIVELY expanded and has been sorted alphabetically :slight_smile:

I have already adapted my Mooshe’s DevTools for my OWN PERSONAL USE with the updated data,
and it works great :slight_smile: (I however will NOT release that version since it’s stripped, adapted and mainly
intended for object manipulation on my side and server)

The set of 4 lists (all containing the same data, but differently formatted for your convenience)
AND the ‘ready to use’ script can be downloaded from my github again:
My GitHub to ObjectNameFromHash

I definitely hope this function will be useful for lot’s of people, it costed me quite a lot of time
to put it together like this, but (for me at least) it was well worth it :slight_smile:

Have Fun,

[HELP] Model name from hash
[Directions] Getting Started Basics

Thanks for this. I’m sure Mooshe will be happy with you putting in a Pull Request on his repo!

Did you end up finding the overground metro machines with this?


I was so freaking ‘afraid’ you would ask that hahahaha:

I did ultimately (during my ‘dictionary spawn attack’) found EXACTLY the same machines,
but they are 100% ignored when i use them in my object scanner for the train script :frowning:

So i suspect that they use even different ones there or that it’s indeed just a ‘solid part of the map’.

However i have been thinking about the unknown parameters/values for the Raycast function,
MAYBE some objects could be categorized differently and that “we” just don’t know how to approach
them yet (i’ve had the same during my IV modding time in the early days).

I’m also trying to discover a Native function on making the player detect ‘idle markers’ or ‘positions’
from the ‘normal peds’ when and IF i find a good STABLE method for that I will post that to :slight_smile:


What an amazing resource, made me wonder how much time I would need to be spending in the future for locating correct model names for objects, seems like you solved this issue for all.

Thank You!


Thanks dude this is going to make my life so easier

You did a good job on this


I am pretty sure the latter is the case, as they are not detected as ‘entities’, as you can see here:


does the prop name do the job?as with the lock/unlock doors script?


Thanks man :slight_smile: took quite some time but well worth the effort :smiley:
i KNOW we can also use hashes in the scripts to ‘call objects’ we don’t know the model name for, but for some reason i’m just a bit ‘holdback’ on that point.

Don’t know if it might conflict with possible future DLC’s, what happens when a user or
or server owner uses ‘duplicate’ server resources etc. But most importantly: It’s much more convenient and manageable to keep your own code ‘readable’ instead of using a crapload of hash numbers haha :slight_smile:

Although i suspect it’s still not all, so if people find other world objects of importance
that should be in it, please let me know :slight_smile:

After a "Dictionary spawn attack’ of almost two day’s on one PC here, i thought it it would be ‘okay to stop’ and start merging the data with the lists that i alread had aquired haha.


Yeah indeed! :slight_smile: Thanks for confirming! :smiley: I was doubting a bit that if i was missing a category/scan type with my Ray casting (my own detector), but this confirms it, nope.


Hey @d0p3t it seems like we (all?) seriously have to ‘reconsider’ or investigate the
way we’re scanning for actual usable entity’s/objects (or @Mooshe 's DevTools
contains a problem for detecting entitys/object? (which I don’t suspect though).

Why you might ask?
Well when doing an Entity scan in ‘my appartment’ at Del Perro Heights 7, the whiskey
GLASS is detected and recognized. BUT the bottle isn’t.

BUT when I do a direct scan for the bottle model itself (p_whiskey_bottle_s) with a
simple GetClosestObjectOfType scan. I AM able to detect the bottle when near it.
Here you can see what I mean:

This one isn’t being detected at all as you can see.

While this one:

is being detected instantly with a ‘simple hoover’ on it.

IF there is a (simple) adjustment needed to the ray cast which is performed by DevTools and
I’m not aware of it atm, please tell me to of course :slight_smile: but if this isn’t the case, then it might mean
that there are A LOT more other objects which are usable for reference in the game itself :slight_smile:

(Which would even expand the possibilities of FiveM scripting much more than it already offers)


… egh, no, this is not how this should be done at all.

The game keeps a global namespaced hash list, all that’d be needed would be to expose that list to a native, not writing a huge-ass static list to duplicate everywhere that doesn’t handle custom assets or R* updates at all.


Egh. no i know that very well, but since there are still (no exposed) natives to return the model name, this it at least a way to make it a bit easier to work with model names instead of taking the risk to use a hash in scripts which indeed can cause issues when updates or custom assets are proceed.

I have done my part research WELL before i even started on this ‘solution’ to work with
proper model file names, and it’s definitely a lot easier and faster this way to find a
certain model in game, and then for example double checking it in OpenIV or looking
for similair types like for example glasses (drinks) :slight_smile:

And i have actually searched (and eventually) even asked for (known) natives, but all i kept getting as reply’s (on other forums) where links to (short) hash lists, or (on here) a link to Mooshe’s DevTools which also used a static list (but much smaller).

So since there where no real (trustworthy) solutions than this at the moment I decided to at least make my own object search a lot easier (and helping the community) until a better solution is found. And unfortunately it currently meant i could only afford the time to make the static list (which I personally don’t like to be honest since i would much rather use a native function to retrieve the current model name from a hash in game).

But it seems like you know how or where to interface the global namespace which contains the hashlist?

Or am i wrong here? If you do, could you give some pointers or directions to documentation on using that data?



Hey Vespura, just a quick question, which entity detector do you use? AND or do you know a way to get Map Info Tool working with FiveM? since i need the names of some objects (buildings or map sections and such) in a (faster) way which is more efficient during development of the server (mainly for simple stuff like texture replacement or editing but now it takes a sh*t load) of time sometimes to find the right texture dictionary.

For example now i’m looking for the hangars of Zancudo and i’m 99.9% certain that there are faster ways than which I’m using :rofl:


You man those red boxes I had? That’s in vMenu’s dev build. But it was taken from another script by @Deltanic.


Ahh crap, yeah i mean’t those haha,
I was “hoping” it was a new or modified version of: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-info-tool

So that i would have had a ‘decent solution’ to finding objects in game without the need to switch between ‘normal gta’ and fiveM all the time (since it uses scripthookV BUT… as DLL and so far only managed to get asi’s started on fiveM client sided (non streamed)


It will be a part of vMenu, but I’m waiting for FiveM to merge a PR for new natives, and I’m also going to have to wait for the next Linux build. Because currently vMenu would be broken on Linux servers if I were to release a new update right now.


The “red boxes” will be or the object recognition like the one at the link will be? :slight_smile:

I had also already taken “the liberty” to completely ‘revamp’ Mooshe’s DevMenu to an dedicated enitity detector (instead of a whole mod menu since I have build that into my server for development and admins (2 different menu’s) myself), But don’t know the natives or methods used to scan for the ‘static map items’ like buildings for example.


The boxes part, you’ll be able to toggle them for props (red), peds (green), and vehicles (orange).
You can also enable the “draw handles” option and that will display the entity’s handle, which you can then use to get the model or do whatever to that entity. But the resource from @Deltanic which I mentioned is basically a full map editor for FiveM. Although it’s not 100% finished yet.

Which you can find here: https://gitlab.com/shockwave-fivem/mapeditor/


Ahh okay great! :slight_smile: I have made about the same with my entity detector (just not with boxes around them) but they do all show up differently to distinguish them more easily (also able to toggle between ‘search types’ indeed haha), the only thing i’m still stuck on (but might be able to find the parts which i need in the linked map editor) :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the tool i’ve linked previously isn’t open source since that does about the same as mine only that one can illiterate stuff mine can’t detect (Yet).

Although I have made my own menu’s and mod tools (bet you know how it is as dev to see the fun in making it all yourself haha), i will however try your vMenu when the new version is released :slight_smile:

(BTW: Thanks for the link, will check it out soon :slight_smile: )


Thank you for releasing the enormous list of item in game. Wow Lots of work have been done in this. You are awesome. This will greatly help me customize my server. You just saved me a lot of work. Thanks!