[Release]Model-Menu V3 [9th Oct]


I do not choose a model of characters, why?


Can I add in EUP Addons like this into the server? http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14320-massachusetts-state-police-eup-re-skin-version-2/


no idea bud. 20202020



hello do you know where i can find the essentialmode compatible for mysqlasync and FXServer ? please



It’s not only for coudb ?


currently es4 and fxserver are couch but can allow for async at the same time


It’s okay and no need to modify something ?


theres always modifying that will be needed


got the same problem with you and i dont know how to fix it


its a gpu error, so its all you buddy xD


gpu you mean the graphic card?


yes, a buddy of mine had it with his amd card, he had to enable something that i can’t remember, sorry for being useless…lol


but in gta v where i use the same trainer “simple trainer” it’s everything good this happens only on fivem


2 question
First Work with couchdb ?
Second Work with es_rp ?


This is a stand-alone resource that is dependent upon the MySQL-Async library by Brouznouf for FXserver. So no, it’s not compatible with CouchDB unless you make it compatible, and the same with be for is it compatible with es_rp, not unless you make it compatible yourself.


this menu is so clean … i need to find how to change the open KEY… ARROWUP already trigger 2 other thing…


bottom of client.lua, other menu keys are in the gui.lua


ok great… i did not make it fully to the end on that file … i see 2 lines

Line 1792:                     if IsControlJustReleased(1, 51) then -- INPUT_CELLPHONE_DOWN
Line 1800:                     if(IsControlJustReleased(1, 23)) then

but my guess with the gui.lua is finding 2 other control index… one for UP and one for DOWN.

i’ll try
(1, 173) to (1, 11) PAGEDOWN
(1, 27) to (1, 10) PAGEUP