[Release] Model Blacklist v1.1


The models I blacklisted are still spawn-able. I ran the code through a LUA validator, and it gives me this:

input:30: unexpected symbol near ‘=’

Any solution?


anyone solved the problem of planes, heli and boats still spawning? i can’t get any fix :frowning:


hey i have blacklisted some of the weapons but some ignore this ive set up the weapons the exact same any ideas??


UFO models ?? Where can I find them?


I wanted to see about getting permission to repost this script i have edited the configs and added all GTAV models to it


utter crap dose not work as it is crap


Feel free to do so.


Please specify what exactly doesn’t work and what you already tried.


I have tried adding guns to black list some seem to work some don’t work. I tried another away someone posted think it was jager or something his way worked kinda all i want it is to black list a heap of guns


Is it possible that you can set that if someone tries to grab a blacklisted vehicle, it will be switched off instead of being deleted?


i am codeing something for that i will let you know when that is done
what i am working on is it will just kick them out of the vehicle


I want to add a username alert that runs a blacklist.


should look like this Screenshot_52


you can find a new and updated version here


function sendForbiddenMessage(message)
TriggerEvent(“chatMessage”, “”, {0, 0, 0}, “^1” … message)

function _DeleteEntity(entity)
Citizen.InvokeNative(0xAE3CBE5BF394C9C9, Citizen.PointerValueIntInitialized(entity))

sendForbiddenMessage(“This vehicle is blacklisted!”)
I want to show more than the message. How to display user name?


I need help, the script works for me but the vehicles arent being black listed how do you setup the vehicles capitals or no capitals?


uhhh… RPG can still be used even if it’s on the list…


Not if you blacklist it correctly, don’t just blacklist it in the table, use the hashkey.


It worked before, and magically doesn’t work now… It was done correctly.


Obviously not otherwise it would be blacklisted. Either you have done it incorrectly or you have broken the code.