[Release] Mini Map Blip Display (RP / Survival Server Tool)



Hello Ladies and Gents,

After sometime I decided to FINISH a project I started, always wanted to do something for you guys, that works out the box, without all this extra and unnecessary poop needed!


I have created a gang gang skrt skrt, wagwan pifting script; The short of it is, Find an area hidden on the map… if you find it and press “E”, you will be given a pass to have this treasure map displaying EXTRA blips on the map (Brilliant for RP / Detective/Investigation/Survival Servers)

How to install it

Download from This Link THEN put it into “FiveM/Resources” folder, go into your “server.cfg”, then do "start WHATEVERYOUNAMEDITGANGGANG"

obvs DONT put a ZIP in, put it in a unzipped folder, named anything you want!

What is required for this to work;

Dependency: MySQL-Async

and THATS it, no need for SQL Database imports, aslong as you have a database working and MySQL-Async is working correctly, then you will be fine… psssttthh The server.lua file has all the database table creation code in there when the resource is started!


Above shows what it looks like to find the areas and what you need to press!

OOF, all these amazing markers!




To add or remove blips on the map, please navigate tooooooo “config.lua”, follow the structure and you will be fine, if not ask in here… or message me on Discord

Rest of the code is easy to follow, just look through you will pick it up and understand how it works, it’s all documentated with comments for God Sake… :smiley: ezpz



CREDITS; Of course, I’m a nice guy who doesnt care if his “lil coding ego” is damaged by CREDITING the right people… :smiley: monkaS

@xander1998 for just being my bae, and helping with my server CheckData() Function :smiley:

@GlitchyBoi for trying and giving me ideas and talking to me while coding, not trying to rip my hair out!

@DementedDude for being Dad and helping me here and there if I ever needed help :smiley:

Enjoy it, I know it doesnt suit all of you…but give me some love for my first release!

PEACE, gang gang skrt skrt :smiley: XD :] :@


No love here scrub lord.


You’re so nice, scrub lord!


Nicely done bae. Keep it coming.


Thanks my dood! <3 20 char yeet


Thanks you to share it.
Nice job mate


Thank you, good sir!





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You’re obsessed with the words “gang” “skrrtt” lol


Requires MySQL-Async lul


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Excellent job! wish I can code like these guys! Keep them coming.


Yeah but what servers dont have a database? lel


Thank you very much good sir, practice lots and if you struggle ask friends or us, we don’t mind helping if you have made a good effort :smiley:

Discord message me if you need help:



Yeah I have sent u a friend request on discord. keep the good work coming man.


Adding Eco to it soon (es and esx)