[Release] MDT & Character & Vehicle Reg System & Licenses - Fully Ingame [1.2]


Would this be addition to f.e. ESX character and be made to only work with the police job?
I mean we could modify it in order to work with esx.
Character doesnt need to be registered, plate gets registered automatically, and disable the view for anyone else but the pd.

Currently it seems like so-so system for everything.


Best CAD/MDT i’ve ever seen i love it:, now the people that stole you’re scripts can go and cry :smiley:


Best CAD/MDT i’ve ever seen love it, now the people that stole and selled it can go and cry :smiley:


finally, good job about release it.


hmmm i wounder if theres away to connect this to the esx system…


Anything’s possible…


Just put this on my dev server to test. I have to say it looks very promising!
However, when I type the /character create ... comand, I recieve an error in the console saying:

[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query "DELETE FROM srr_char_inv WHERE STEAMID = @STEAMID {STEAMID=1100001040xxxx}": Table 'essentialmode.srr_char_inv' doesn't exist
[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query "INSERT IGNORE INTO srr_char_inv (STEAMID, USERNAME) VALUES (@STEAMID, @NAME) {NAME=BreadForMen;STEAMID=1100001040xxxx}": Table 'essentialmode.srr_char_inv' doesn't exist

Now, I looked in my database, and sure enough, srr_char_inv does not exist - but the other srr_char_... tables are present. So I looked in the .sql from your github page and it’s not in there either.


hi im getting this Argument count mismatch (passed 3, wanted 1)


Thank you for your report, working on a fix!


A few users reported having issues with character creation and syntax, This issue is now fixed. Continue to report issues so im avail to spot them and fix them! Thank you!

Download: https://github.com/Clatanii/MDT-CHAR


Hay how could I make the box center on the screen thx.


Hey, Its possible and quite easy but it would require kinda much of editing if you want it for the MDT aswell as you need to move position of the box and all text.


Ok thx and did not see a command to set what type of license it is how would I do that ? thx


Uh how do you mean?


Is their a way to set the license type your character has ?


You need to explain further i dont understand, You mean the way it saves? instead of STEAMID?


Driver’s license/ fishing license/ Gun license or is that not a thing right now


Ooh, In my so called “private thing” i have driver’s license, firearm license and truck license. All with tests and working for police to checkup. If people are intrested i could possible release that to :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya I would love that I love the in game cad as it helps for open server no need to sign up anywhere but ya if you put that out that would make it the best this in the world


Maybe stop hating on people’s releases and take your anger to private messages. :wink: Stay on topic to the resource please.