[Release] MDT & Character & Vehicle Reg System & Licenses - Fully Ingame [1.2]


Script Notice
This script is still in early stages, Its not fully done and bugs will be inside the script, It should work fine tho but things will get improved over time and if you have any issues lemme know and i will fix that as soon as possible! Thank you!

About the script
This script is a script that covers Character & MDT & Vehicle Registration & Licenses system ingame. Many things are toggable so you can edit the config to your likings to fit your server the best. If you dont like the license part no problem just disable that and everything about that will not be ingame! It was originally created some month back for my community, But by accident got leaked and it has been reported that people are selling it and getting cash, I just wanna have a end of all this so i decided to release it and give back to the FiveM community!

How does it work?
The script is designed to be all ingame and the only thing it need is Mysql-Async. This script will require that in order to work properly.

*MDT system*
    - /mdt (to get up all details about the commands & basic window)
    - /mdt addwar ID WARRANT (To add a warrant to a person)
    - /mdt addcha ID CHARGE (To add a charge to a person)
    - /mdt addbolo BOLO (to add a bolo to the system)
    - /mdt flag stolen PLATE 0/1 (to change a plate stolen to false or true)
    - /mdt warcheck (ID) to check current warrants on a player
    - /mdt chacheck (ID) to check current charges on a player
    - /mdt placheck (PLATE) to check a plate for details
    - /mdt idcheck (ID) to check a ID of a person with a character
    - /mdt clearwar (ID) to clear a person from all warrants
    - /mdt clearcha (ID) to clear a person from all charges
    - /mdt delplate (PLATE) to delete a plate from the system
    - /mdt clearbol to clear all active bolos
    - /mdt addp (ID) (POINTS)
    - Only avaible inside emergency classed vehicles

*Character system*
    - /character to list all character details
    - /character create Firstname Lastname DD/MM/YYYY Gender to create an character
    - /character reset to reset/delete the character
    - Only avaible to have a maximum of one character at the moment (soon getting to more)

*Vehicle reg system*
    - /veh to list all commands
    - /veh reg to reg current vehicle sitting in
    - /veh list to list all current registered vehicles
    - /veh dereg (PLATE) to remove plate from system (5-15 minutes)
    - If you leave the server all your current vehicles will by auto remove from the system
    - Only avail to register "valid vehicles" not planes, bicycles or goverment vehicles etc

*Other Commands*
    - /flashid 


How to install
Just drag and drop the MDT folder inside “resources” and drag and drop the “drop me” SQL file inside your database
(You can change color/head name to your likings inside the config file)


  • Alpha (script)
  • yosang (base of driving course)

Github: https://github.com/Clatanii/MDT-CHAR



What is disssss!!!


Accidently posted it while writing, My bad :stuck_out_tongue: will get out soon tho


No worry i hade nothing to do this is why i was annoying lol


I’m adding this to my server right now!








Might wanna make that clear for all the people about to post “Help it’s not working” :stuck_out_tongue: Great release.


:astonished: Maybe have someone help develop a GUI instead of using a resources provided .psd files? Other than that, nice :smiley: I would love to see a custom GUI with this resource make it feel like it’s an actual MDT.


This looks extremely close to High Speed Gaming Cad/MDT


How do I create a database


Maybe because it’s based off it most likely.


I get this error will it cause any issues?
The table is created.


Alpha I thought you said this was a private script that you made


Hey, Shouldnt cause any issues but ive updated the SQL file, Should give no errors now! Thank you for reporting


Was planned so, But my thoughts changed :stuck_out_tongue:


If he made it, it can be whatever he wants.