[Release] MapMaker


Presentation :

MapMaker is a script that allow you to spawn all GTA V objects (~ 49230 objects have been added in the code). All objects are saved in a XML file and will be on your server for ever (If you’re using this script). You’ll be able to edit the map as in the video.


How to install :

- This script is no longer downloadable. This topic can be deleted.

Thanks to LaJibs, Scorpio and Edou21 for the help (testing the script) !

Map Editor Questions

Thanks for sharing, this will help me a lot in the future …


Wow. This looks great. I will definitely have a lot of use for this.


wow this is truly amazing work nice to see a map editor like this in FiveM :wink:


Thanks you all ! If you have suggestions or something else tell me it and it will be added to this script.

Happy to see that it’s going to help some people ! :slight_smile:


This is so fucking cool, good work


MapMaker update !

[Fix] : The objects are spawning at the good height.
[Fix] : The current selected object is removed when you close the menu.


Great work @n0thus Downloaded and testing! Can’t wait for this resource to evolve, it is already at an superb level :slight_smile:

A question I do have is, let’s say theoretically I have an XML file from a singleplayer map editor, would I be able to import this into the MapMakerList? It’s a great script regardless.

Thank you!


How can i delete a placed object?


It’s only by editing the MapMakerList.xml for the moment (placed before your resources folder). But you will able to delete them in game soon :wink:


Awesome script m8! Things like these are so cool.


Looking amazing, I will definitely be using this at some point.


MapMaker Update!

[Add] : You now can delete objects in game !


We cant seem to figure out how to delete the objects in game. Any help?


How to make the objects remain after the restart?


Have you managed to remove?


How many items can you place? Is it around 400 like the object loader?


No i have not Have you?


It’s “delete placed objects” on the main menu


Is there a way to delete objects in the map that you didn’t place, like delete things that are already there from Rockstar Games?