[Release] [Map] US/Canada Border Checkpoint



*Inspired by the popular Netflix shows “Border Security” about America and Canada’s Front-line I created this semi-authentic checkpoint. This is the highest detail and most functional check point mod I believe that has been made to date, I have been enjoying this map for months and I have finally decided to make it public and share it. (If you know how to make car skins, scripts, or ped uniforms “CBP” “CBSA” it would be awesome to see these for realism.) Let me know in the comments





tthis is amazing btw ;D correct me if i am wrong but wernt u they guy who made the better version of ebisu with the working minimap


The client can’t load it from our FX-server, so ??


This was made for integration with LSPDFR (police mod) Ohh I see :-(.


YOu are realy on the way to release all mapping from https://www.gta5-mods.com ?


This map works without lspdfr works on my fxserver already

[Release] FiveM Maps / Vehicles / Enhancements

@bdkohn can you create a border wall one.


So, the mod works, border shows up and functions, sort of. A lot of the features from the main mod aren’t in my server, I assume this is due to fiveM restrictions? Great job converting it over for server use though! I love it.