[Release] [Map] Sandy Shores Enhancement


Hello and welcome to the New Sandy Shores

Tired of the routine of city?
see Sandy Shores. Thousands of dollars have been used to lift this dusty town, crime is common in this town, aviation accidents usually occur, There is a nearby cemetery.

It has become a place to buy an apartment for those dream vacation

Do not miss Sandy Shores




Sandy Shore Enhancement V2.0
Feature Removed Two Tankers located at Marina Bay and Gas Station to fix the FPS Lag issues




Nice, what server performance hit does this have?


Ported it over myself, did some testing with 5 people on. Above 60 fps all players, made some stress testing and you will experience some first join server lag for a minute whil everything loads. After about 2 minutes, your gonna see some decent performance. Personally tested on a VPS though. Not sure how shared hosting can handle it.


@vizzra I have shares hosting like ■■■■■■■■■.co.uk it works like a charm as that host ive tested stress test and other various test over 800,000+ objects.


Yes, thats what i used to use but never tested any map objects. My vps is from NFOservers, its a simple 1 core. Eats it like a beast, no problems, also running website, databases, ts, and such off the vps at the same time.


@vizzra then your all good i am going to release more maps soon. Add me on discord bdkohn#6092


Added you (char limit)


hey mate i really love the work to sand you have done have you and can you pretty please update sandy airport :smiley:


Updated Sandy Shores Enhancement by removing two tankers from two different locations which causes the glitch to occur and framerates drops. Revision 2.0 has been fixed to prevent it from happening by removing two objects.


how do we add this server side? i own a sever and most of our roleplay is based in sandy shores, please help


It often gets very laggy in the middle Sandy Shores.


I have question, when I try to open the original Sandy Shores map in the map editor and only the traffic lights spawned… none of the big building so I cannot edit the map. Any suggestions? How do I get the whole map to show, Im trying to make one thats not as big and laggy.


how do you edit the ymap? or make XML files into a ymap


Hello !
do you think about what’s working?


I wanted to take the time and thank you for putting up this resource. We have been using it in the Blue Code Gaming server with a lot of positive response. We have enjoyed having this on our server. I did have a couple requests if I can ask for them. I am not sure if its even possible. We run this script along with the Sandy Shore PD enhancement which puts 2 helipads across the street from the police station. Currently there is 2 structures that cover these helipads. Is it possible to remove these two structures? If not its understandable.

Paleto Bay also has an enhancement on GTA5-mods.com. Is it possible to convert this for us as well? I have really loved this enhancement and has worked wonderfully on our server. So a big thank you and kudos for this. We can’t thank you enough.


Only issue i have is the tanker at the ron is glitched out


@Cole0209 did you download 2nd revision?


That Version times everyone out after 10 seconds


is there anything we have to do other than adding it to our resources and starting the resource?


Thank you for this great tuto it help me great, I deleted the boat and the rocks right next door because I had lag and the ca is better.
Here is the link for you !!!
still a big thank you.
sandyshore.zip (30.1 KB)