[Release] Luxart Vehicle Control


Yes they are! They are all in the same folder. Could that be the issue? But like I said the “regular” vehicles has the same issue. The __resource.lua file is in the assets folder, empty.

Like this resources/assets/streams/(here are all cars in different folders)

For example:



Let’s start with the basics - do your vehicles spawn, or do the vanilla vehicles spawn?

Because if this is the issue, Luxart is not the correct thread.


Yes my vehicles do spawn as they should. I installed ELS to test if that worked. ELS made me get a controller just like lux_vehcontrol should.


Luxart doesn’t have a controller.


It says like this


  • Does not affect or control vehicle emergency lighting (this is not ELS).
  • All features are synchronized for all players.
  • Intuitive controller support (uses similar layout as ELS).

Doesn’t that mean there should be a controller? Like ELS…


No, it says controller support. As in a physical controller, like an XBOX ONE controller or a PS4 controller. There’s no UI if that’s what you think it means.


Apologies if it’s been asked already but there are too many replies for me to read all of them haha, is there a way to disable the clicks that play when toggling the siren, tone or lights? I had a quick look in the client.lua but can’t see anything that seems to just be a toggle for this?
Also does this use the vehicle class to determine which vehicles to use this on? I have a stringer car but don’t want the sirens to be accessible on that model?


Hey Guys is it possible to get this to work for lspdfr? I would love it there


Hey, is it just for me that the siren shuts off with “E” and also when you press “R” to enable sound it goes into cinematic view? if anyone knows the fix for this it would be appreciated!


Do you have a plugin called “Strapped”?


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Oh, wait nvm yes i do client side…


This causes an issue with the lighting controls for Luxart. We found this out after like three months of trying to find the issue.

If you remove it, your lights are fixed. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you so much!


The lights will not turn on but the siren would turn on.


How to use sirens?
what button?


Is there a way to use this as a controller when you code it right?


So, the script was working fine… but when I go to turn the lights on; with Q they don’t work, but with Y they do… the up arrow siren works, and R… plus the horn. When I press ALT to turn the siren on it doesn’t work either, help? Works with other users. Have cleared cache, normal troubleshooting procedures.