[Release] LSSD Hat (Retexture)

I didn’t make this model I simply retextured the model the original model comes from the LSPDFR EUP Law & Order 8.1 Pack all credits for the models go to -Alex Ashfold

(EUP 8.1 LSPDFR https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8151-emergency-uniforms-pack-law-order/ )



Hats.rar (140.0 KB)

Have my hat NURDS lol luv you all :blush::kiss::heart:


did you get perms?

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Perms for what?

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If you are talking about Perms to post this from the EUP a EUP Moderator said to just credit EUP.

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Just take a screenshot of that message and put it in the original post so people can see :+1:

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I can’t screenshot my voice

Should I release this?

u should release more clothes

Such as?

You should release that mic :heart_eyes:

@JWayne Your funny :blush:

whys that

Because that mic is private lol!

“Should I release this?”

The polo & the hat LOL :rofl: