I have Made The LSPD Vehicles pack from lspdfr like doj to FiveM resources for easy downloading and adding.

How to install:

Download the file below.
Add all 3 folders to your resources.
Add all 3 folder names to your server.cfg

Server.cfg example:

start LSPDPack

spawn names:


Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwRN_NAkSzW2c0wydFU3M1MxQkU

Official Links:


Please comment any issues below!


change the l to a f that’s in the link other than that thanks for the release


oh thanks forgot about that LOL


“Convert” there is nothing to convert they all already work for fivem direct download from LSPDFR.


there i changed it if that makes you happy :wink:


What I am saying is this should not really be a release. All your doing is telling someone how to stream vehicles.


Lets be real though, unfortunately more than half dont know how to do that on here.


basically what this is telling you is download this, drag and drop into resources and add start LSPDPack to a text document.


Did u even test it before u made the “Release”


Damn their clean af :smiley:


anyone up for unmarked taurus? well have it! Haven’t had time to test it yet so tell me how it turns out :slight_smile: