[Release] lspd web panel V.0.0.1

Hello I have created a web panel which lists criminal and which is really useful for the RP
Test the panel on ?
email: test@test.com
password: test

Github : https://github.com/TwitchParadise/Police-Portal
This is my first script in php

Current Features:

  • Add player to the criminal list
  • search player
  • create access account

How to install?

  • Download these files
  • Upload these files on a web server

  • Import database.sql on phpmyadmin

  • configure the database connection
    edit config.php

$username = "u353860190_root"; //nom de l'utilisateur
$password = "123321"; // mot de passe 
$hostname = "mysql.hostinger.fr"; // Nom de l'hote
$namebase = "u353860190_gtav"; // Nom de la base

Great idea :slight_smile: Thanks for the release :slight_smile: Here some idea for you :

  • Add a column where you put the name of the agent/policeman/policewoman that have registered the case :slight_smile:

Hi good scipt, but i have i very good idea for you !
You could get inspiration from the “Simple Banking” script in which there is an html display when you open the ATM. You could do that when you’re close of computers in the police station :wink:


Sympa ! Tu devrais faire un repo github pour favoriser les contribution.
Cool ! I think you need a github for colaboration

@davendrix : Nice share ^^

@Tatan_Kerdy : In english please

Nice share.

As said before you should do a github, add the column “marked by”.

I also think that you should correct the spelling errors and from a technical point of view add the ability to delete the line or indicate the status (in progress, processed)

GG guys and thank for the release but it’s the code of primfx?

@samgaze yes the member system is the code of primefx :slight_smile:

@Scapin, @Tatan_Kerdy tatan_kedy I will create a github

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Hi, I have a lot of error every where it’s say me for exemple : Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/american/police.american-life.nn.pe/index.php:21) in /home/american/police.american-life.nn.pe/index.php on line 22

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/american/police.american-life.nn.pe/logout.php:1) in /home/american/police.american-life.nn.pe/logout.php on line 2

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/american/police.american-life.nn.pe/logout.php:1) in /home/american/police.american-life.nn.pe/logout.php on line 5

Any idea of how to fix it ?

Very nice i try now ! :wink:

Is there an English version?

No but it will be add in the next version

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By any chance when is this version coming out?

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this version is coming out this saturday

@MLGPlasmaScope I have upload an English version, hope you will like it.

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I’d love to see a Github for this. I would like to make some improvements and add new features :ok_hand:


I create a github this week-end :slight_smile:

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I’ve actually gone ahead and created a repo in my org for this project. Since I couldn’t fork it from anywhere, I’ve referenced this page in the README https://github.com/TwitchParadise/Police-Portal

Have you ask the author before doing this repository ?

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