[release] lspd - bcso - lscs - sahp - FBI - Ped pack (1.0)



Coast Guard and SASP + The ped pack is coming today.


what is the BSCO one based off of


I was thinking of either alameda or LA Sheriff


Version 1.0 Is out with fixed hats and accessories as well as the FBI peds!


I really want to use this uniforms with ■■■ framework but not sure how to add them to the store?
If anyone could help me and uses this for there ■■■ police jobs that would be great!


Yea, I am not sure if you can add actual models. I think it is just MP ped stuff.


Thanks okay, Just checking I know this bad but you mind helping me you can contacting me on discord?
I tried adding into the script but don’t know how the ped system works with this?


When you retexture it and it goes sideways…


Sure. Check your DMs.


DOJ ped pack maybe in the future?


Maybe :wink:


The link doesn’t work anymore.


new link please