[release] lspd - bcso - lscs - sahp - FBI - Ped pack (1.0)



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Help finding a CHP ped with a Bulletproof/kevlar CHP vest!
Trying to find a SAHP ped with a bullet proof vest



Nice I love it keep up the good work


Thanks. I have 2 vehicle packs coming tomorrow.


:smiley: good job (20 chars)


Thank you very much. I plan to add much more to this pack as it is 0.9, not 1.0


Looks good :slight_smile:


Thanks (20chars…)


how do I upload them to fivem?


Love the peds,
But anyone know how i can add then to esx_cop script…

Would help a LOT


I can not wait bud I love the packs


Do you have permission to upload these Peds?


I did not think that was required because, if you check the links, there is nothing saying i cant do that with these.


technically no license means “no license” unless the author says otherwise, see https://choosealicense.com/no-permission/

until you have asked for ( and recieved ) permissions i’m hiding this topic.


Alright. But if you check the San Andreas peds it says yes right there and says not to ask.


For right now, since the author has been not online for about 5 days, I will remove that FBI part of the pack, but leave the SA-ESP and provide a screenshot for that.


what are the new vehicle packs?


What do you mean? Like the ones I am making soon?


yes that you said were coming today…


For those, I have a mini- coast guard, full BCSO, SAHP, and SASP pack coming out sometime within the next 3 days. 2 of which coming today plus another ped pack.