[Release] Los Santos Customs by Arturs



Los Santos Customs | Benny's Motorworks V1.2
[Release] FRFuel [v1.3.0]
Is it possible to edit extras/props with the vRP framework
[ERROR] Bluebird-emma-died AND kilo-bluebird-mobile

Nice work guys, keep it up! :fire: :fire:


Amazing work Arturs, assains2147 and xxproxxgammer!


Great work!


Man can you make a bennys motorsport version plz ?


you going to do ammunition next?


Does not work, spams script errors in server console about getGarageInfo or something please fix and tell me when I can redownload it.


@EnerGonix https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/benny-s-motorworks-sp This works for mine, its just a client side install though for now.


yea since the last update of reborn i got issues also


:fire: :fire: Sweet! I was waiting for this so long as many others :fire: :fire:


@GanjaMonster @AbusiveStaff Did you try clearing your cache? That fixed many problems of mine :smiley:


of course lol it was other scripts interfering with it


Okay then. Thought that might me a problem ! :smiley: It works really good for me. Only thing with it is that on keyboard the up arrow is binded to scoreboard. so I might change scoreboard key to something else :smiley:

		[5] = { locked = false, outside = { x = 118.48572540283, y = 6619.5600585938, z = 31.802976608276, heading = 45.450}, inside = {x = 110.483,y = 6626.532,z = 31.7872, heading = 400.402}},		

You forgot the paleto bay shop lol :slight_smile:


Hello, and thanks you for your work!
I can’t have it to work on my FiveReborn. What are the requirments and how to install please?
I installed scripthook, scripthookdotnet in my gtaV folder and in fivereborn plugins/ folder, your lscustom mod in scripts/.


Bal this is for server side install.


Thanks you for the answer! I tried a bit but i was not sure about it! On my server i try to put .lua files in “map-fivem-msk/blz” (map-fivem-skater with personnal spawn and skins) but no results: the spawn and skins are done, but LSC mod don’t work, sometimes game crash when i’m near the LSC door, that’s all. i can’t find a tutorial on “how to install scripts serverside”.
All i can find is “Serverside scripts are not supported” on any topics.
Can you please explain me how to have it on my server? Or a link for a How-To tutorial?
I am more in 3d/textures/animations, i’m a dumb noob for script stuff.


Oh my god… that moment you realize that you are dumbest than you tought… I just hat to install the folder “lscustom” like another mods folder… so thank’s for your answer! because if no, i don’t try the simplest thing… the mod works very well! thanks you very much to Arturs for his work! and sorry for stupid question!


I noticed that after the server runs for a while with a lot of different players connecting to it, it says “Locked, please wait” when trying to enter Los Santos Customs while there is no one in. Any way to fix this so it doesn’t stop working after some time?


its bugged, cannot custom pickup car stolen and with buying car its stuck with nothing.