[Release] Loadingscreen Sleeford


yes autoplay as I do


would you mind posting the line you’re using in the index.html?

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That is not how it should look at all. You didn’t use the embed URL and you didn’t set the autoplay flag. Try replacing your iframe line with this:

<iframe width='0' height='0' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/36H1XlIyLS0?rel=0&autoplay=1' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>

That should get it working.

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Thank you so much, did you think you could help me change the font of the letters below the icon?


Are you trying to just git rid of the swirly font used below the round icon?


So is I want to change that source for a normal one like I do?


If you want it to look like the other normal text at the name of the server, below the round icon, go to line 119 of style.css and either delete it entirely or change “Master” to “Roboto”

  font-family: 'Master';

Change it to:

  font-family: 'Roboto';

Well thank you very much really could not without your help.


It would be best not to fill up this resource topic with unrelated issues.

Either create a new thread concerning your issue or if it is related to a certain resource, in it’s release topic.


is there a way to change the music or music volume?


can you guys post some screenshots please! thanks


updated screenshot


May i post a update with a music player added ?


How do i change the music and actually make it wwork?


did you ever figure it out?