[Release] Loadingscreen Sleeford



Hello I share my loadingscreen for GTAV


[Release - NEW UPDATE v.1.1]-[Loading Screen]-[LoqScript] Material_Load

Whats up with the youtube link in index.js? would be cool to have it instead of a static image


Does not have music ?? : S sorry: S


wow yeah have, but I like change the music ?? I can ?


How Can I change the Los Santos City RP thingy?
And can I put my custom song?


The song can be changed by changing the Youtube URL found in index.html.

The other thinging you speak of can be altered in index.js. Just be cautious of not removing necessary double-quote or commas. They can break your script.


Cant Get It Working, Its Just Stock Loading Screen For Me


Really appreciated man. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Just successfully installed it so it’s a working resource. Did you add it to your server.cfg?


All I See Is This


What does your server.cfg look like and what does the file/folder structure look like for the loading screen in your resources folder?


it exactly how i donwloaded it


You have to bring the folder named “loadingscreen sleeford” up one level to the resources directory, otherwise it won’t work.

I also renamed mine to simply “loadingscreen” so there wouldn’t be any spaces in the resource folder name.


ill try that thanks @schwim


When i replace the link for the song it doesn’t play any music… any idea why?


Can you share the URL string you’re using in index.html?

I had this issue a couple of times swapping Youtube URLs. I needed to cut the volume on what I wanted to I reuploaded my own version but it wouldn’t play. I changed it from unlisted to public and it played the next time.

I don’t know if that was what made it work but something to try if yours is unlisted.


Server is listed, cleared the cache almost every time i tried to change the url, its so annoying -.-


also how did you set the volume? Thanks in advance


I scraped the audio from the Youtube video that I wanted the music from, adjusted the volume in Audacity and reuploaded it to Youtube.


okay thank-you, Appreciate it.