[RELEASE] Load out system for RP servers the best yet :)


Hi I have started to get the hang of scripting so I made this now the menu is by @WolfKnight I have just used his menu to create my own load-out system there is quite a few out there but not many actually are useful but this system will actually give you a real life feel to it. I would love to here any feedback or and question even any suggestions. I give full permission to release this again with your own satisfactions as long as I get credit for what I did and @WolfKnight gets credit for what he did, Hope you enjoy and have fun :slight_smile:

V 1.0:
policeloadout.rar (5.3 KB)



Screenshots would be great!


I have just made some


Thanks! Looks great!


This looks nice :D. Will try it out!


If u have any question or need help here is my discord(https://discord.gg/cyRRYh)


Im gonna add a whitelist onto this if thats ok with you


Thats fine as fine as long as you give credit when due


I mean your credits are gonna stay in the script if you have any in there


It’s not working for me


me either nothing will come up when i press the buttons and the exit button doesnt work


looking great man will defo use this


welp i guess no one’s gonna download my script now


How you add whitelist?