[Release] LiveMap


It doesn’t work to me :frowning: Here the config

I’m online but i can’t see myself on the map


Does it work on your server? I can’t see online players :frowning:


It works fine for me if you want some help you’re free to add us on discord Techie


Oh, thanks man :slight_smile:


you see the red () ? I think it needs a comma after the red )


Last element of arraays in php don’t need the comma


no, the last does not require one, but the first one does. please try :slight_smile:


Would this work if the player blips are turned off on the server?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while.


Yes it does work even if players blips are off in the server :slight_smile:

The only blips that won’t show on your map if they’re not in game is ones generated by the blip generator which copies static blips on your ingame map. If you wanted blips to be shown on the live map for static locations but not in game then temporarily turn them on, generate the blips and then turn them off in-game - they’ll still show on the live map.


ok I got this working most of the way, I can see it on localhost, and it seems to be functioning, I switched to using xampp to host it, how can I make a hyperlink onto a website from here?


How are you accessing it on Xampp? Exactly the same way but using an external IP.


Would be for others : http://123.45.678.90:live_map

But 123.45.678.90 needs to be your IP to the web server.


i get lost on that part, I have had issues with this for a while but just came back to it after months. i do the now for the external do I use my IP or the server IP


also whats a good web server to use for this, I don’t know what would work best or how to set all that up


You can Google all about getting web hosts and setting something up. The IP you put in will be for the web server.


thanks I got it working last night, for some reason it just didn’t want to work for the day


@Havoc I saw another person ask earlier in the thread but couldn’t find the instructions. How do we go about chopping up a map to add it to the interface? For example I am looking to add an area code map and I see the option and that it requires a directory to be present but I don’t know how to go about chopping one up? I assume I can photoshop the squares from another map but that will take time and I’m sure there is an easier method. Thanks!




Do I need to buy a webserver for this to work?


no you do not there’s free ones


Hello all,

I have the map installed and I have the blips working but I can’t see any player blips.
I know it has been asked several times but I haven’t found a solution yet.
My web server is on a different server then my game server.

Thanks in advance,