[Release] LiveMap


Is the web server the website the server is hosted on?


Just Google it, please.


I tried google, that’s why I’m asking here…


I also googled it, and it does not help me with fivem. Is the webserver the fivem server? or a website? I dont know what to install where.


You need to have a web server set up, this is not the FiveM server. Literally Google/YouTube how to setup a web server and you’ll find tons of results.


Like I have said I have already tried to google it. It did not help. How do I set up a webserver




You think I have not seen those? It did not help


Well then. I have nothing more to say.


Can you walk me through how to set up a webserver and install this


Unfortunately not. If you are unable to follow the guides online then that’s your problem. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and guides on websites.


Can this only be done on a virtual machine?


Ok I think I have the webserver set up. I used xampp. What do I do from there


Read the post


What do I change in the config.php to the webserver address?


Do I have to have a Google maps API key for it to work? Currently I can’t get it to work, just says “Error getting blips! Maybe the server is down or, the config is setup incorrectly.” I’ve changed everything I can think of, the web page is loading fine, just won’t connect to the server for some reason. & before you ask, yes, I have it on a webserver that is set up properly, and yes all the necessary ports are open. I am using a VDS/dedicated webhosting.


Hey haswell, would you mind walking me through how to set up and put this in a web server? It would be greatly appreciated.


I already fixed it ! Thank You! <3


You don’t need the key. but in the Livemap/utils/config.php change there the standard ip to your ip of the FiveM server then it need to work


Hi im getting the Disconnected button its red all the time, i dont know how to fix this issue has someone experience with this?