[Release] LiveMap


Can anyone help trying to get the Blips to work? Have player blips showing but not the static blips. Have checked the code and socket ports multiple times and everything seems in order. Have done the in game command and everything and it is still not populating. Can anyone help me and my community with this issue? Getting the error message “Error getting blips! Maybe the server is down or, the config is setup incorrectly”


can anyone help me i dont understand why its not working


mine works brilliant! I love this map so easier for dispatchers.


Can someone help me with setting up the LiveMap because i did put everything in and changed the ip in the utils/config.php but if i try to connect to the website i get this https://gyazo.com/9216d1dfe678bf46ed6f1c9f3848c1f6 what did i do wrong?


basicly you need to have the web side of things installed on a webserver. Also you dont use port 30120 for the webside.


Am i a idiot, because now this is the error i get. I think i havent set the soccet port correctly and i have generated blips.


Im hosting my FiveM server on a VPS (not zaphosting) so whats then the port?


well have you put the website stuff on the apache2 root place (/var/www/html/) and the port would be 80


I dont even know where to start. Can someone help me, I dont know if I set up the config correctly and even if I did I have no idea how to put it on a web page and actually use it. any help is appreciated.


How did you get the map on that website (chatrr.winterfrost.network) with the controls and everything? I dont even know how to do that.


basicly on linux (ubuntu 16.4) i have fivem server installed and i have Apache2 and PHPmyadmin. The apache2 and php have their own file (/var/www/html/) thats where i put all the interface stuff. Then in the fivem recources i put all the other stuff. So when i go to the ip of the server it takes me to the web site. DM me if you need help setting up.


I dm’d you


please make a youtube tutorial!!


Please read the post!! There’s literally no need for a YouTube video, if you read, you’ll be good.


whats the webserver?


The web server?


yes, I have no Idea what that is


It clearly tells you how to install this.


No it does not, he just extract into your web server. That does not explain what a web server is


Because he’s assuming you know what a web server already is if you’re installing something to a web server… maybe do some research on Google.