[Release] LiveMap


Sorry, about that. Here’s a few links so you can see it working in the wild (if there’s people on the server).

The coordinates need to be inside a “pos” table, inside the blip table. So, blip = { pos={x=18.18, y=182.1,z=83.28}}. As can be seen in the blips_server.lua file.


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Hi Havoc, I have recently installed the live_map resource to my server, and it’s tracking the user perfectly. But, I do get the error of missing blips, it cannot load the blips.json, and it’s funny, I can’t seem to find any files named that.

What to do?


You forgot, as has been said over 10 times now, to do /blips generate while ingame


Uhh, okay, thanks.

Sorry, I don’t go through all messages here :confused:


Is it possible to change the color of the blip?


And also, to remove all the other blips generated? I deleted the file and also tried deleting everything in it, but as soon as the resource is restarted, it just puts them all back again. I only want to have the ones I make via events, not the original command that generated the blips on the map.


Not without modifying the sprite map in the interface.

Stop the resource, delete the file and start the resource again.


I need help setting this up for my server, I don’t understand how to do it…


Thank you so much! Now, I know i’ve been asking a hell of a lot but is there a way to add a blip via the webserver? Rather than just straight from the fivem server? I promise this will be my last question haha <3


Quick question. I added the files to FiveM, added the code to server.cfg, and setup the website. I have done the website in the past, never the server side before this.
It generates all the blips but the actual player. What am I missing?


The live mapping will work as long as it’s setup okay with correct details and the resource is running.


I have done this, my understanding what comes after is for further development only. I have also done “blips generate” through F8 in game. I get all blips but the actual players. Any ideas?


How do I do “blips generate” through the f8 console when it says I dont have permission.


Probably incorrect socket port.

Make yourself an admin through ace permissions.


I am really struggling to do this! lol I’m trying to link it to my cad but unfortunately it wont?

Any help please? I followed everything as described got it loaded in console etc.



If someone could walk me through it, it be much appreciated. Also when I try and go to module settings on cad what do I put for url please? I have put example.com or what ever it is but don’t seem to work? Thanks

I don’t get whats so funny? Im trying to ask for help so whats funny?


I had set it to the FivM port and set it all up for that, I changed it to +1 and it all works! Thank you


does anyone know how to set this up with bubble yet like integrate it and anyone have a demo i can see of this


i know how to


you mind showing me how to