[Release] LiveMap


@NexusRP You didnt config your server.cfg correctly


You need to run the command in-game. This is the only way to get the markers the players see.


@Havoc I installed everything. The server comes online and gives my players location. I did the /blips generate command and the host identified on my website, but now the blips do not spawn on the map from my session? IS there something in which I am doing wrong?


Did the resource create the “blips.json” file? If not, there should have been an error in the console about it, generally changing the location of the file (from “server/blips.json” to “blips.json”) works.


yeah it created it. It didnt give an error or anything


Make sure the interface is configured correctly and you can access the file.

Make sure you can access it from http://<FIVEM_IP>:<FIVEM_PORT>/<LIVEMAP_NAME>/blips,json, making sure to replace the placeholders with the values inside your “config.php” file.

For example, if using the default config you would go to


I fixed it @Havoc so apparently after you do the /blips generate you have to restart your server or the icons do not generate. It fully works though. Thank you for all your help!!!


@Bobblemend15 Incorrect. the needed lines were placed as that would generate a different error regarding calls.

@Havoc Thanks. Didn’t catch that Steam was closed so it was unable to hook the STEAM ID


Ok so I was able to generate the blips and I can see them by going to http://blah blah blah/livemap/blips.json but on live map I get this error

blips.json it created that is readable via loading the site.


Is your “config.php” set up correctly? If you want, send me a PM with it’s contents and I’ll double check it for you :slight_smile:


Sent. You can also hit the site from that address as well. Thanks again!



I have version 2.2.6 and its working great! Thanks for an amazing resource, love it!
But i wounder what the new update does? Could you make a “Change Log”?

I have transelated the whole page and its a pain in the ass to do it again if it does not add a fucntion i would need at the moment!

But again! Thanks!


For the resource: https://github.com/TGRHavoc/live_map/blob/master/CHANGELOG.rst

For the interface: https://github.com/TGRHavoc/live_map-interface/blob/master/CHANGELOG.rst


Anyone out there willing to help me get this setup? I just need someone to walk me through how to set up. Or is there a video out there showing how to do it? That would help as well. Thank you for making this.


Yeah I have been trying for 2 weeks and I am ready to give up. I have been attempting to get this to work and nothing seems to be working.


im having issues
LiveMap couldn’t save the blips to file… Maybe the directory isn’t writable?

this is set to


set socket_port 30123
set livemap_debug 0
set blip_file “server/blips.json”
set livemap_access_control “*”


Try changing the “blip_file” to just “blips.json”.


i got it to write but now it wont connect https://intrepid-gaming.com/live/
nm it was chrome blocking scripts


Because you have the interface running on HTTPS. If you want to keep this, you will have to set up a reverse proxy. This is because the sockets on the server don’t allow for TLS connections (only a insecure connection).

If you don’t care about having HTTPS then, the simplest answer would be to remove it from the website. The interface doesn’t and shouldn’t be sending any sensitive information anyways.


I’ve added myself and multiple other clients as admins in the server.cfg, yet /blips generate still returns access denied for command blips