[Release] LeaveEngineRunning 1.1



Basic script that leaves your engine running when you exit it.





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Love all your Scripts thanks :slight_smile:


can this be changed so when you toggle your engine it no longer starts when you leave the vehicle


I’m not sure as though I understand your question, can you rephrase it?


so if using engine controls (and set engine to off) or use vehicle damage (and the vehicle become disabled and engine cuts off) when you leave the vehicle the engine starts again, could this be done with a script similar to yours as in keeping the engine in its last state when leaving the vehicle


That’s actually a great idea… I’ll look into it, thank you :slight_smile:


no problem love the work you do for the community, Keep it up,


v1.1 has been released.


  • Fixed a bug that caused your engine to turn on on exit even if the engine was off.


Seems to still turn engine back on if its off. Or maybe its just my end. Have latest ver.


If anyone else can confirm this is true, please do. In my testing I have found this to be false, however I will look into possible conflicts that may be causing this.


works a treat with the two engine scripts i’m using Thank You


I use es_rp no other engine scripts. Fixed my issue works like a charm. I forgot to clear cache on my main server.


@ToastinYou Thanks for the update, the old one was working expect the thing with the engine turning off but now it’s shuts down the engine everytime, maybe it conflicts with one of my scripts, but I don’t know which one.


No idea. It works perfectly on my end, must be a conflicting script as you said - or you have TrainerV and leave engine running is enabled.


works good, on my police cars with take downs, the take take downs stay on but the light from them goes away when you get out of the car


The engine kicks off for a quarter of a second when you begin exiting the vehicle (this is uncontrollable as GTA wants to shutoff your car, but this script turns the car engine back on). Is that what you were talking about, or are your headlights completely shutting off even though your engine is still on?


the headlights stay on its like it cant keep the brights on. when i look at the car i see all the lights on but the actual light cased on the world goes back to the regular headlight bright ness


I’ll look into it, thanks.


i can provide a video if that helps explain


No I get what you’re talking about, thanks though.