[RELEASE] Law Enforcement Menu

This menu has all necessary weapons for Law Enforcement, cop cars I only put one car in since everyone will have different cars , this menu also has a almost ready Onduty/Offduty Webhook that will have to be made. You can simply add, remove, or edit anything. The button to open the menu is E which is highly recommended to change as it is also to button to honk. If you have any suggestions for V.2 or any questions let me know and I will be ready to answer as soon as I’m available.

Add to your resources file and go to server.cfg and add start menu like any other resource!



Download Here!!!

menu.rar (1.6 KB)


V.2 (Planned to have Props/Objects, Emotes, and more!)


is it compatible with esx?

Ummm, I haven’t tried to see if it work yet but, my guesses are no.

maybe with steam id permission system or esx.jobs system can be more useful

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Maybe I will look into it

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Please do not make a esx version.

I don’t plan in the future of making nothing ESX but if it is highly requested I will


Very cool and unique script

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Campbell I’m working on my scripting stuff :rofl: i’m used to maps and vehicles

Is there anyway for you to add an extras menu to this for the cars?

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I was being serious homie :joy: anyways, I really like it, I do think Ace perms would be cool though

Can you explain in more, if the vehicle that is added and put in has extras then it will have extras. If this isn’t it then explain more :smile:

I got more projects for the community potentially

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I mean add an extras menu to toggle extras on a vehicle. My cars have a lot of extras that could be changed to officer preference.

I can try but idk, i think it would have to be through vMenu, lamda or any other main menu

its vrp?

in V2 will this menu have the ability to cuff, drag, put and grab people from a car. Also if you make it have props, make sure to have spike strips in there

Looks awesome but can you make it in esx please?


If you can, instead of a steam identifier system, see if you can hook it with discord identifiers for role-based stuff. it might not be possible, but i can look into it and try it myself if you’re aight with that.

Maybe add a requirements list? Didn’t see one in the post. Although I know its native ui.