[Release] LANCES-AOP - Keeps Players in the AOP forcibly, like North Korea!



This is yet another Area of Play resource, but this time, it actually does what it needs to do - Keep players inside!

This resource uses a sphere that can expand as wide as me (or at maximum the entire map) and has a simple GUI that only contains what you need to know.

Videos & Images

In-Game Showcase:


In-Game GUI:

Josh Peck demonstrating the AOP’s shape:


  1. Download it.
  2. Edit the config.lua to your liking, add yourself and other staff’s steamid’s to the admins table.
    2.a. You can use ACE permissions instead with the permission “lance.aop”
  3. Profit. Enjoy your dictatorship!
  • /aop [cmd] - switches to the AOP associated with that cmd.
  • /aop list - lists each AOP available for selection.
  • /aop start - turns on the restricted AOP functionality.
  • /aop stop - turns off the restricted AOP functionality and turns into state-wide AOP.
  • /aop priority - toggles the priority status.
  • /aop peacetime [minutes] - sets the peacetime timer to the amount specified. Set minutes to 0 to disable peacetime.



Y’all I’m so proud of my dad for getting his maths right


All hail Kim Jon Unnnnnnnnn.
probably spelt that wrong

This is really cool lance good job.

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No ties to ESX or vRP. I like it.
Good work.

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Why are you using steam ids? Why hasn’t everyone switched over to ace yet?

If you look at the source code, you can use “lance.aop” for ACE permissions :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice edit :stuck_out_tongue:

All thanks to you papa

When I type any of the commands I just get a bunch of stuff in chat


Hey, check out this commit to the native reference i did. I found the native that GTA:O uses for penned in (which creates a large sphere). This should be less buggy to use and also matches the radius size like you wanted.

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aces are 10/10

UPDATE: v1.2 - Fixes the errors when changing AOP.

If a player is on the outside of the sphere, will they be able to enter into the sphere? or will they be stuck on the outside?

They will be teleported inside the sphere, upon joining they will be teleported to the middle of the sphere I believe.

Hey @LanceGood Just wanted to what happens when you change AOP? Does it just TP everyone to the AOP or will it let them have the time to move? Also is priority/peacetime optional?