[Release] Lambda Menu


So i just added a #Extra1 to my Gruppe 6 Vehicle and my Game Crashed :frowning: After i tried to rejoin my Server it says im Globaly Banned from Five M for 14,7 Days due to Cheating :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Now i have to wait 14 Days nice thanks Five M :roll_eyes:


This is not caused by Lambda Menu. Toggling an extra does not get you banned. By the way, bans are delayed. If you did something in Lambda Menu you won’t instantly be banned. It’ll take time before anything happens, so it was not caused by Lambda Menu.


hey do you know how to turn off voice Proximity because when i turn off “close” it switches to “all players” i want all of that off


what? you can’t “turn off voice proximity”. Just set it to all players to be global, which is kind of “no proximity”.


how did you fix it…


My lamba won’t open please hel I have everything in the spots and stuff


So the mod doesn’t care that people are crashing when spawning a second vehicle. Wow!


Take the Im-Config out of you game and leave just the .asi file. It fixes any type of issue you have with your trainer.


hello … try many times and it does not work for me … every time I press the f1 key it opens the menu of the cell phone in the game and it does not open the hack … it does not work the f4 to teleport … someone works it normal ?? I need help on a server … if it works for you, can you leave me your discord? I need help urgently


I have inserted the files in the correct folders, but at the time of startup the mod menu does not start.
What could be the problem?


is there ANYWAY possible to make this an Admin only tainer?


No, this is a client side menu.


I figured as much, my biggest issue with mellotrainer is all the extra in game stuff it adds, the voice settings. Map blips, etc. Btw just dow loaded your vSync yesterday, amazing and simple.


you forgot the elegy retro custom.


1 Trying to spawn any car or player model crashes my game and gives this error. I’ve already deleleted the dlclist.xml that was said to have caused the problem but it didnt fix it
Also are there any settings for the police and wanted stars?


Have u fixed it becuse i am having the same problem


@Oui Hello! I wondering if there is any way that we can use/convert your awesome Camera Clamp to a server side resource? It’s a must have option for drift servers and a lot of people are asking me for it. The problem is if i allow scripthook on my server it become trolls/cheater’s heaven so i would like to make something like that serverside.
Also im really not a script maker and i haven’t skills into it, so if you can point me where to search for it, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :smiley:


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