[Release] Lambda Menu


Are you talking about the FiveM directory? You don’t modify any FiveM files to install this, it’s all drag-and-drop.


still dunno how to change the key :((


Open lm-config.xml in your FiveM directory and change whatever key to the value you want based on the controls on the Wiki.



sorry was tryna speak about the resource version


I really wish people would fix the october michigan lithium issue. If god mode could be forced for players that use custom skins(or at least set HP to a minimum of 1), the whole crash would at least be temporarily resolved.

If I’m playing on a fivem server with Lambda and A-N-Y-O-N-E joins with a custom skin and dies, my game crashes. Why TF cant make that a thing?


There’s a resource that does that, searching the forums you would’ve found it.


Wow what’s with the passive aggressive response? That was totally unnecessary. I have actually looked. I’ve looked a lot. There was no reason to be rude about it. I’m 28 years old I"m not on the internet to fight with people. My point with that reply was to suggest that it should be in Fivem as default, as players with custom skins who die crashes the game. That sounds like more of a bug that should be fixed, or at least temporarily patched.


Not being passive aggressive at all, simply stating that a workaround exists. lol FiveM shouldn’t force godmode because of a bug, they should fix the bug. Workarounds are never superior to solving the problem, assuming the issue is even FiveM’s and not caused by a resource (or multiple).


Motherfucker I spent enough time in the Army and in Law enforcement to know what the fuck passive aggressive means. “searching the forums you would’ve found it.” go fuck yourself dude c ya


Yep, you’re definitely

28 years old I’m not on the internet to fight with people


This menu needs removed because FiveM is removing script hook


Why is fivem removing script hook? Plenty of major servers still use lambda and other trainers… Wouldn’t removing scripthook be counterproductive?


ScriptHook causes too many issues that are usually caused by mods not really designed for FiveM, such as the Simple Trainer. Disabling ScriptHook would make everyone focus on resources, and improving current resources to make them better than the clientsided mods, take a look at MelloTrainer and Chemical Toxin, they’re both serversided trainers that let owners have full control of what they want their players to be able to do.


Not to mention if a server updates all it’s server-side resources, all the players get the benefit. No more people using 2 year old scripts or scripts that aren’t even supported anymore.


See if they do disable script hook i lose all my saved skins and cars in my simple trainer as will other major players of five M and some RP clan owners like polecat so five M will in turn be messing with things that players took there time to make and save.


Yeah, but losing those features will encourage (or more or less force) people into stepping up on their resources. It’s fully possible to do mostly anything ScriptHook can do in FiveM (as far as I’m aware), and I think that’s why they might want to disable ScriptHook.


i agree

20 char limit


FiveM won’t progress anywhere unless big changes are made, starting with disabling ScriptHook. And the “other major players like Polecat” can sure as hell take a few minutes to make a couple new skin saves.


Or people can just not be lazy and convert ScriptHook scripts to FiveM resources or have someone do it for them. To my knowledge most of the ScriptHook things people are complaining about being removed are fully possible in FiveM.


my menus aren’t working