[Release] Keep my Door Open 1.0



Basic script to keep your door open when you exit your vehicle. Simply just hold the F key while exiting your vehicle and it will leave your door open, allowing for quick cover and faster access to your weapon.







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You can just keep SHIFT pressed while exiting your vehicle for the same result. But F is much more easier for quick usage.


How can I change it that if I’m pressing F, the door stays open and if I’m holding F down it closes? And by the way awesome script :slight_smile:


THANK YOU SO MUCH @ToastinYou i needed this!


Great script man, works great! You were saying you would like suggestions, i have no idea how to code, but i know how to edit code that has been written, just dont know how to start from scratch XD i have been looking for something where you type /drag (player id) in chat and you drag the person to your police car thats in hand cuffs and place them in your vehicle, i know its in that police script but we dont use it and i cant find a script that will do that, without having to use essentials which we also do not use.


You can also just download BVA from the LCPDFR website and it already comes with that interaction. My point of view, no offence, but the script is kind of useless.


Not pointless for servers that have scripthookV disabled, plus I really don’t care; I could’ve not released this, im just doing this for fun.


You did make a point there. Never thought of the servers that have scripthook disabled. Point proven.


Nice script that lots probs don’t know about :smiley: