[Release] K9 Script


Lovely. Keep doing amazing stuff. :heart:. If you could add clothing to the dogs it will looks amazing. ex. https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/19996-german-shepherd-malinois-k9-dog/


I won’t be using that because not everyone can use that model. When that model is available for EVERYONE then I will make the script use those models.


Any idea why my k9 dies on spawn, I’ve reinstalled the resource and it’s still spawn and fall over dead with the message your k9 died


I have seen that happen quite a bit with the current K9. I am working on another K9 but it is unknown when I will release the new version. Hopefully I have a pretty good version withing the next week or so.


still having trouble getting the k9 script in. i had it working before for a while then all of a sudden it stopped. Ive reinstalled it still wont work even tried different key bindings anyone help?


how do I add myself to the list to use ?


open config then go to line 6

K9Config.SteamIdentifiers = {
	"steam:place steam hex here"

Make sure line 4 looks like this…

K9Config.OpenMenuIdentifierRestriction = true


Hey bud, Is there a way to make the UI key based because on my ESX server the script actually stops people from being able to register cause the mouse freezes.


I have a very basic understanding of .lua and c# and i mean basic.

I have this on my server and its working yes their is little things that happen here or there but shit happens.
Most of those that complain do so out of ignorance and the fact they do not have the skills to create even a portion of what you have done.

Dont let the negativity bother you and please keep up your great work!


Is there anyway to take the key commands away? left on the dpad on an xbox controller is for my ELS and it suicides my dog when I go code 3 lmao.


Where can I change the keybinds for opening the menu? Is it in the server.lua somewhere?


Client. Search this topic. I have posted about it many times on here


Alright thanks


acually whats the key to open the menu ?


@Barbie Where is it Toxic when i ask what the Key is ? its a normal question.


To open it is left Alt+Home also next time just look at the keys in the code


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah, i did but i guess i over-read that.


hey i have a question. i cannot seem to be able to get my dog to attack for some reason. ive tried changing the keybinds with no luck to get it working.

– Controls Menu
while true do

        -- Trigger Opens Menu
        if IsControlPressed(1, 316) then

        -- Trigger Attack
        if IsControlJustPressed(1, 49) and IsPlayerFreeAiming(PlayerId()) then
            local bool, target = GetEntityPlayerIsFreeAimingAt(PlayerId())

            if bool then
                if IsEntityAPed(target) then
                    TriggerEvent("K9:ToggleAttack", target)

        -- Trigger Follow
        if IsControlJustPressed(1, 47) and not IsPlayerFreeAiming(PlayerId()) then



You point your gun and press G. If you have trainers enabled if the player has ignore all in their trainer the dog wont attack.


Is working again??