[Release] K9 Script


Yes i mean change the skin for it


oh. idk. I don’t think you can stream animals.

Maybe on the canary client servers but I am not sure as I have never streamed an animal ped.


I just tryed that and is still the normal Shephard :frowning:


Well I mean I am not sure what I can do about it… :man_shrugging:


Maybe try to change the dog to a real German shepherd dog :smiley:


That’s not the purpose of this script. Whoever is running the servers that is using my script its their responsibility to do that.


i really wanna replace the shepherd with this one https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/19996-german-shepherd-malinois-k9-dog/ but still no luck it wont replace it…


I mean what do you want me to do about it… i wrote a K9 SCRIPT. I didnt replace the animal ped or anything. Go make a question topic in the #development:scripts category about it.


is there a way i can totally delete the whitelist feature?


Use the config files…


when i put in server.cfg it disappear


What??? I don’t understand



what would be causing this to happen,



Has we you tried reloading the script. Do you have any errors in the client or server console.


H0w do i get the K9?

The readme does not help.


Open the menu and spawn it…??


is there anyway to change the attack % to hit harder? and run faster?


Unfortunately no as far as I know.


As far as i know, you are working on a new script. Will the new one will have a K9 jumping out of the trunk like lspdfr ord is it like now ona a pssanger seat?

Asking because i’m working on a K9 cvpi and i don’t know if if should insert a cage if there will be something else. Unless you’re not planning on releasing it anytime soon.

Thank you for your effort with this one anyway :wink:


I decided to go away from FiveM until I feel comfortable enough to release again. Might not be for a while. The plan was to have the dog jump out of the back seats and thats how it will be if I ever finish the new K9 and release it…