[Release] K9 Script


hi i have configured all the files and i have renamed the file to K9-Script idk if thats the problem but the menu isn’t poping up for some reason, HELP!!!


I didn’t setup your config, your resource, or your server so I mean screaming HELP isn’t helping your case at all…


ok well i got it to work one time thats it and now its saying it cant load the config


You probably have an error… Check your consoles…


this is what it said in the console
Found new resource k9 in C:/cygwin\home\zap373762\g48857\gta5-fivem\server-data/resources//k9


Man. I dont even know what you are talking about anymore.

Im not gonna help you if you arent gonna supply any information.




You literally just proved my point. You have an error IN YOUR CONFIG.LUA



o well i found the problem and i was wondering if i could add another ped for ped restriction that was my problem


Ok. Then why didn’t you just say that… Go back and read what you said… You didn’t say ANYTHING close to that… You said… MY CONFIG WONT LOAD (and gave me no console logs) then gave me the error and then tell me you wanted to know how to add a ped…


Great script! just the only problem i found and that has been posted before is when the K9 gets out of some vehicles it dies. besides that fantastic job!


I haven’t found out whats causing that. Guessing it has a mixture of the ped type / height / and collisions between the vehicle and the dog.


Awesome Script. Been testing it for about 30 minutes now. Works pretty good.

So recommendations maybe… anyway to make the dog a keybind for in/out? instead of having to open menu?

and a better in/out animation?

Thats all I got so far. Great work, can’t wait to put it to use.


The K9 is being redone in a complete different language so I expect to have some of that stuff done already before the next release on this…


Can’t wait for the new one.


How do i change the open menu thing its conflicting with my admin thing anyway to change it to alt insert


How did you change it to alt f5


He went directly into the code and changed it. I have a new K9 is progress that has all that stuff built into the config.


@xander1998 is it possibel to change the shephard model?


Change the Shephard model?