[Release] K9 Script


Oh didnt read the post above xD Yea same issue. Everything works now, but the dog keeps spawning dead. xD


I found it line 130

            SetEntityHealth(spawned_ped, K9Config.SpawnHelath)

just a typo change it to health, works fine

still dies when getting out of the car. sad and funny at the same time xD

I love this script though! I couldnt get it to work ages ago. the mouse always stayed on the screen. Latest update works almost flawlessly :slight_smile:

Edit again

Only dies if u tell it to get out from menu, press g for it to follow and your fine… not 100% of the time


thank you that will save me some time.


I was playing around with this. Normal human peds don’t die when exiting the vehicle. I think it could be to do with the small drop from the vehicle?

Then I got bored and made a police chicken xD


I am hoping to fix a lot of this stuff with the new one I have been slowly working on. Not 100% sure though. Time will tell.


How do i fix this issue


oof… Does it do that all the time?

Have you tried restarting the resource?

Any errors?


I have tried everything i even deleted my cache


But you don’t see any errors or loading messages when restarting it?


I don’t see any errors it loads perfectly then when i get in game i see that and it’ not the menu it’s like a overlay


Can I see how your resource file is? Like how and where you installed it?


Sure can i add you on discord or join your server and talk there


Discord server is better. I don’t like adding people.


ok what is your server link?


Link at the top where I posted.


For some reason the view is still attached to the mouse when the menu is open and every time I click I end up punching. Also when I spawn the dog it immediately flops over dead in mid-air about a foot above the ground then hits the ground.


I am creating a new k9 so I just need time…


Ah, alright. I wasn’t aware you were completely rewriting it. No rush.


SetEntityHealth(spawned_ped, K9Config.SpawnHelath)

what is Helath sir?


Thats not my error. Someone submitted a pull request without testing / proof checking their fucking code

Is it causing an issue or can you just fix the typo. Not the best time as I am HOURS away from any pc but I will fix it on my phone then…