[Release] K9 Script


Yes… Its possible.


Can you post pictures?


What like screenshots of the script? It will be a bit because I have a new complete rewrite being scripted so will be when that gets finished.


What? That makes no sense…


im confused on what the commands are to open the menu?
anyone help??


I can´t get it to work, Nothing happends for me :s

how do i copy console errors from F8 it wont really let me :s


Server or client console?


Work fine for me :smiley:
Would be nice tho if it was working with ESX searching the closest player with drug item with actual item from database insted of just being random :smiley:


server ive done all i can looked everywhere but no luck


I don’t like ESX so that prob wont happen.


can you help me with the K-9 script trying to find out how to use


Its pretty self explanatory…


How to add an online character instead of png characters?


Will require you to modify the code.


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I get its pretty self explanatory but I add s_f_y_sheriff_01 and another line of hex and it will not load at all anymore.


Probably because you didn’t do it right… It has an error…


Yeah figured as much dude, Im mirroring the line above datawise, im not sure.


So let me go into a bit more depth, I add my own steam hex ID to the config, replacing what is there. Underneath that line I add another hex ID. - No longer works.
Or in the accepted ped part of the config, I duplicate “s_m_y_sheriff_01” and change it to s_f_y_sheriff_01" - no longer works.
I am trying, Im certainly not overlooking the instructions infact I was really happy with how it worked until I tried to add users and peds to it.


You have to add a comma if you add to a table