[Release] K9 Script


Is there a way to change the keybinding to open the menu? It always brings up the es admin ui and you can’t change that.


how can i open the menu nothing works
i put the k9 folder into my resource folder and start it in server.cfg i dont know how i can open the menu


Read the Readme.


yeah fine it is working but XD how can i let him attack people???


Point+G but that dsnt works


Point your gun and press G…


is there anyway to get this to work with MP Peds and attack other MP Peds…?


Does your server run trainers


so ive read the readme and this thread and cant find an answer, ive got the unedited version in but no one can open the menu, and i cant figure out why, ive added steam ids, peds and nothing


There is booleans you have to toggle on and off?


the true or false options right?


Yes, Also you are holding (LeftAlt + Tap Home)?


right i changed them to false after they didnt work and ive been using the key bind you made for Lalt home with no luck


Are you using Essentialmode?


No it does not. (20 characters)


Then it should have no problem aslong as you dont have a script running to make AI ignore you.


Ahhh thats why :stuck_out_tongue: The Ignore script Ohh ok :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry work picked up, no we dont


I mean the only thing I can think of is there is an error somewhere.


Is it possible to connect this script to a vehicle search script?