[Release] K9 Script


wait never mind for now I forgot to add start line lol


yeah no it still does not work.


I don’t know how you can’t manage to get it to work.


I installed everything correctly, I just wont work


If its not working then you don’t have something installed properly. It works for everyone else but you.


I put the folder into my resources, added the start line, just like instructed and nothing.


Did you edit the config… As you are supposed to to do…


not at first, but shouldnt it work stock


No… Its set to be restricted to peoples identifiers so not everyone can use it… If you would have looked at the config you would see that.


make sure you are in the police outfit


I was, and I set my steam identifier and everything


I have to say, i can’t get it to work either…


I have thought about making this script unsupported because almost everyone gets it to work but 1% cant.


I just looked it up, do you still have to make it k9 and not k9-master?


Eeeey, i fixed it lol. But the attack thing doesnt work. How to fix it?


Search the topic. I have answered that too many times.


Lol, i had it in yesterday, and it worked totally fine. I did something wrong, and put it in on new, but now i can’t get the dog inside my vehicle, is there a fix?


your cache folder is in FTP


it says Error parsing script config.lua in resource k9-master: config.lua:53: syntax error near ‘<\226>’


You had to have modified the config.lua wrong since it doesn’t have 53 lines default…