[Release] K9 Script


Need to be more specific.


I don’t know how to set it up


OpenMenuIdentifierRestriction = If true only steam and license given users can access the menu. (example: “steam:1100001081f9ab0”) These will be under K9Config.LicenseIdentifiers and K9Config.SteamIdentifiers

OpenMenuPedRestriction = If true only given peds can access the menu (example: “s_m_y_cop_01”) These will be under K9Config.PedsList

VehicleRestriction = If true then it keeps the dog to only get into certain vehicles such as LEO vehicles. These will be under K9Config.VehiclesList

OpenDoorsOnSearch = If true then it will open all the doors when the K9 searches the vehicle.

K9Config.Items = These items are what the dog could possibly find. (RP purposes)


noob here but how do i even open menu?


Alt + Home

(20 Char)


can someone help me get this working, I installed it and put it in the server config as start k9-master but nothing happens?


Did you edit the script configs.


remove -master of folder


Shouldnt matter if it has -master as I manually set the nui resource name to the current.


No I did not
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Then you should. That is why its there.


Shouldnt it work stock?


Its default whitelisted if you looked at it…


oh, is there a way I can take that out, and if so, how?


Read the config file…


I am, I have no idea how to code or anything, what do I change


Its literally a true or false… How is it that hard.


I can see that but what do I change



K9Config.OpenMenuIdentifierRestriction = true CHANGE THIS TO FALSE


still does not work.
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