[Release] K9 Script


What if I dont want you to use my script? Why dont you go write your own from scratch and make your own description. Otherwise get the hell off my topic or continue to act entitled.

Also last time I checked I dont need to tell you shit nor hold your damn hand to help you with your shit so either figure it out or dont.


Getting a resource time warning. Checked your post and didn’t see anything about this. Anyone else having this issue / what could be causing it?


its stange but sometimes the dog says he found something , but when i search the player he dosent have nothing :confused: any suggestion ?


Its not attached to ESX or VRP…


Works pretty good. Only issue I have is when letting the dog attack other players he sometimes stops running. Is this because of lag?

And can I let the Dog somehow teleport directly into the car? I tried something but that did not work.

  1. Its an AI dog. Attacking won’t be perfect.
  2. Yes, But you just gotta write the code to make it act that way.


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@darkzygb(20 chars)


after like 1 30 sekends the dog stops folowing and u have to make him heel and the all him again ?


does anyone elses biting part not work? Everything works for me but the biting part.


Can i get a list of you control codes i can’t seem to find them (AKA I’m just stupid) XD


Look for this line and change the 19 (ALT) and 213 (Home) to the keynumbers you want to use. You can find the numbers here https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/ just look up the number for the key you want to use and put it in

– Trigger Opens Menu
if IsControlPressed(1, 19) and IsControlJustPressed(1, 213) then


Thanks also is there a way to disable controller support for this?


I have this issue that when this script is active it disables the cursor in esx_identity and no one new can register at all. Any ideas?


Fine script :slight_smile: A lot of fun


type /register and mouse will appear


Eh no it does not. Something in the script messes with the mouse cursor but I can’t find it even how well it’s documented in the code what does what.

Edit: My issue magically fixed itself, I have no idea how


when i press the keys nothing happens


How are you people having this many problems? it’s really simple.


I need help with configuring the file