[Release] K9 Script


Any update to the dog issue?


What dog issues… Vague question…


This issue, with the server lagging badly

“For some reason after I spawn in the K9, if someone shoots or kills it I get the notification in the bottom right of my screen saying that its taking up a lot of ram and then the server starts lagging. Any ideas?”


Ah. no. I haven’t wrote any code in a while. I don’t have those issues so its weird.


How do i whitelist someone?


In the config you can do it.


i cant find it, i have looked for something, but i cant see it


under what “catogory” is it?


Is it k9Config.SteamIdentifiers? if so, which of the steam id’s should i use, the SteamID3, SteamID6 or the SteamID64?


Look on the forums. I am sure someone has asked how to get the player identifiers more than once.


Hi, when I press left ALT and home, nothing happens. I only get the es_admin menu.


Change the key then.


i changed it to ALT + F5 and it works fine for me.
its a really cool script. :smiley:


how to change the keys


How do I edit the keys for this? I find your description on how to do it really bad.


Because people woth the need to change my keys should know how to write code. If you dont understand it :man_shrugging:


But, you didn’t tell me what I asked. It’s much easier if you tell me what file(s) and what line in the file(s).

And if you think it is too advanced, you should add a way to change it for us “unexperienced”.


I dont have to make things easier for unexperienced people. I have had it explained so many times on this topic. Use the search. Not everything is given to you in life.


First of all, if there are many people asking the question, you should write it in the top of the description to make sure everybody sees it. Or write it in the readme file on github, that way people won’t have to ask the question. Also, you don’t have to be toxic to people wanting to use your script just because you didn’t make a description for your script. Btw, the time you spent on writing this message to me could have been spared if you just told me which file it was in the first place. If the case is that you find it hard to even answer a simple question as to which file I have to edit, then you don’t have to post any scripts here at all. But yeah, thanks for the help though!


the reason that he reacts to you like this is because like 200 people already asked the same thing.
and they all don’t know.
i didn’t even read the discription. its just as easy as finding the line of coding and changing it with some different numbers. there are 980 comments to find out how to change it.