[Release] K9 Script


This script uses the AI dogs. This will probably have some issues where the dog freezes when he gets next to other players(It sometimes happens but wasn’t a huge issue in testing). Just put the dog in your vehicle and pull him back out and he should be fine.

How to tell your dog to attack players or ai…


Special thanks to my buddy L. Trap for helping with ideas and testing.
Special thanks to mrdigital0 for finding the source of the issue with attacking.


[Release] PTTPoliceRadio
I need that script Ped restricted!

What does it require?


It’s a standalone resource so all you need to do is add it to your resources and add it to the server config file.


I imagine its fairly buggy, are there anymore issues?


Why dont you try it?? I can’t find and fix more bugs I don’t know about.


I am going to, just mid patrol was just asking around


I don’t assume it’s gonna be fairly buggy til I see it being reported. It hasn’t been tested on a large server so I am just waiting on the reports.


Okay cool, ill let you know asap!!! Nice work tho putting it together


It works pretty well, the dog occasionally freezes if you tell it to follow you after searching a vehicle. We were able to get it to unfreeze by just telling it to unfollow and follow again. The animation for the dog getting into a car is hilarious, but it works.

So far so good, pretty fun script to have around thanks for sharing.


Yeah, I can get rid of the dog animation getting in and out by just attaching him to the vehicle in the back but he fixed his position after he gets into the vehicle. As far as the dog freezing I am not sure of a fix yet.


I’ll test it out more with some friends later today, ive been looking for a k9 script. We had some ideas if you need some more inspiration.
Instead of attacking someone can it reveal a blip or maybe have a circle show up whenever it spots another player?
Could the owner force the dog to follow the closest player so if the guy runs they get constantly spotted and followed by a dog?


I am working on getting the dog to actually take down the player. That’s the point of having the k9 in hand is the ability to take down criminals that are faster then you are. Any ideas are welcome to be posted here.


Hi, first of all, it’s realy good, but I found some issues:

  1. When there is more than 1 player near the dog, he will try to follow everyone at the same time (Like you said in your post)
  2. It’s hard to put the dog in te vehicle, I need to do the command multiple time.

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hm, that’s weird you have to do it multiple times. Make sure you are standing right on the side of the vehicle or inside the vehicle and see if you still need to do it multiple times.


Yes it’s working more time, but some times, the dog I can’t get out the dog from the vehicule.

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Have you tried pressing G to get him out. Sometimes that works better than using the command.


Yes, it’s true, it’s working.

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On the other hand, the search of the vehicle does not work for me. I have the message that tells me that the dog searches the vehicle, but after the doors opens and closes 2 times, that’s all.


Also another weird bug I have not encountered. Thanks for letting me know.


Do you have lambda menu enabled ?

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