[Release] jsfour-criminalrecord [ESX]

sooo im havinng issues importing this sQl… I’ve always had problems adding most sQl files … was wondering what I need to do to make this work.
Do i put USE (Name of database)
instead of USE essentialmode


You need to put the name of your database if it is not that name then you need to change it to whatever you made the name of the database

I am also still having a problem allowing this to work in Blaine County Palito and LSPD station I was told to just make two more locations inside of the server about Lula but that did not do it

have you figured out the problem because im having the same issue.

you have to remove use essential fashion and then it works

Hello already thank you for the work done Js thank you very much I just have a question would it be possible not to use the lastdigits for the date of birth for the search as on the screen sorry for my English thank you in advance.
because without having access to the database I can not know the lastdigits?


Please don’t post that here since it’s a different script. And no I won’t remove the lastdigits from that script.

ok i delete my post

After you open the menu how to get out of it? Press and hold the white screen. I can never get out of the criminal record. and I do not even add a criminal record, even putting it like this in the database.

is there a way to add Sandy Shores and Paleto station to this so that you can add to the criminal records from either station? tried to add them today but recieved errors

I Got a coursor bug idk why please help e click esc when i want to leave the criminal record its stays the cursor

Uh that’s cause the field is empty and it wants you to enter something into it… what do you want to change about it?

I can’t remember where it gets this from but it is not from the script itself. You can just remove the “required” part from the html file?

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I need help, The same happens to me

i have a problem starting

Error loading script server.lua in resource jsfour-criminalrecord-master: @jsfour-criminalrecord-master/server.lua:63: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘ESX’)

When i go in the circle i cant open the menu i see to click E en it doesnt work

dont rename the folder

Your fodler is jsfour-criminalrecord-master he it is necessary to rename in jsfour-criminalrecord

it stoped working again :o

when i close the menu the entire game freeze…i can’t move or esc from the game…nothing…any help?

Where does it need to be in order of the server.cfg on startup? Also does it just go in the resource folder or in the esx folder, these aren’t explained