[Release] jsfour-criminalrecord [ESX]


still always have this error


You don’t need 2 scripts for that. That’s a waste of resources. You could just make a new html file with a javascript in the same resource.


Can’t do anything about it, the event exists. Maybe you’ve messed up the start order?


I added the plugin to the server, but when I look at the criminal record after creating a criminal record is written because of the crime does not say that the error like the photo in cmd could be related to it



You forgot to execute the SQL file?


SQL file imported without errors. The folder name is jsfour-criminalrecord. Nothing is changed in code. It doesn’t add any new data, only gives me this error whatever I try to do. Can someone help me what I’m doing wrong here?


Does John Doe with the DOB 1997-03-01 exists in the database?


And please. Everyone who needs help, create an issue at the Github page so this post won’t get spammed.

You even may find the answer among the other issues


LOL, you might be able to. I don’t know javascript :wink: