[Release] jsfour-criminalrecord [ESX]


Awesome work, keep it up jonas!


No, it takes the same name. Can it be, because I put it in the test–not on the resource folder? I mean must it be in the recourse folder and if yes, where I can change folder?


If you close the menu and your game freezes that means it can’t send a callback to the client.


I’m not a fan of ESX in general but these jsfour resources are really well done. Gives great inspiration for my own projects, thanks.


After the update that you have to be in the police work to open the menu criminal record, the menu is not opening even more I being a police officer


Hi, add it to your release. nice work!

local PlayerData = {}

AddEventHandler('esx:playerLoaded', function(xPlayer)
	PlayerData = xPlayer


Can you please update it… where must we include it @GuTu?

1-QUESTION: What means DOB without shortening, plsease? Prisontime complete?
2-QUESTION: Why everybody can open the script not only Police?


Modify the script ?
DOB mean date of birth …


@NebelRebell because PlataData and police job is not assigned.

here a fix
client.lua (3.2 KB)


THX never hear about that now i know it

thx @Gutu I will test it later, first test its not open the marker, also not after i set the job new.

Last QUESTION: What means Term please…google says “begriff” term of Murder is what? Prison, or facts? What is the meaning from term, please?


@NebelRebell i think that “Term” is prison time, yeah.

  • Charge = The crime the player has committed (robbery, murder etc)
  • Term = The time the player has to spend in jail. It has to have this format: (0Y 0M 0D)
  • Date = The date, if you write Today it will pick the current day as day
  • Description = A description of the crime


has this been updated to police only? this is seriously cool stuff


I forgot to add a few things for the police job. It’s fixed now.

But please. Read the bottom of the post. If you have any problems with the script, please make an issue at the github…

Rread the whole post AND everything on github before asking questions .Most if it are covered there explaining what Term is and so on


Hey, I have a problem
I set up the database and everything is fine but It won’t find the table on the database.
[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT date, offense, institution, charge, term, classified FROM jsfour_criminalrecord”: ER_NO_SUCH_TABLE: Table ‘databasee.jsfour_criminalrecord’ doesn’t exist

Any help?


If only there were some kind of meaning to get from the error. Like it would be cool if it could tell you that you didn’t run the sql file and that the necessary tables were missing.

We can always hope that the necessary technology will someday allow such fancy bells and whistles.


Is there a version for VRP?


No there’s not a VRP version


Hey can i add you on discord? im in need of help with jsfour register


Sure add jonassvensson4#3011