[Release] jsfour-criminalrecord [ESX]


EssentialMode Base by @Kanersps: [Release] EssentialMode base
ES Extended (ESX) by @GiZz: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-es_extended

Insallation guide at the Github page. There’s also a guide on how you use it.


  • Add players to the database that has committed a crime
  • Search for players to see if they’ve committed a crime



Need help?
If you find a bug or if you get an error. Please make an issue at the Github page.


Couldn’t post this in the realase category for some odd reason so I posted it in discussion.


Moved to #development:releases for you.


looking good i will try ^^


Nice as expected! :open_mouth:


Best scripts are from jsfour - you are amazing man!


i can’t add someone to criminal record its gives error every time … ( first name , last name , dob could be different ) like that error


Please make an issue at the Github page


How do I search for the criminals record?


There’s a guide on Github, please use that one


i can’t add anythings i keep press add but nothing happens

if i want to exit from the police record menu mouse freeze


Whats the name of the resource?


its work it was criminalrecord i changed to jsfour-criminalrecord its work


This is great work, Honestly perfect, I just don’t know how I feel about everyone being able to use the feature no job specified so I was trying to add a specified job they had to be but for some reason its not working.

-- Key event
	while true do
		if IsControlJustReleased(0, 38) and PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == 'police' and inMarker then
			ESX.TriggerServerCallback('jsfour-criminalrecord:fetch', function( d )
				SetNuiFocus(true, true)
				open = true

				  action = "open",
					array  = d
		  end, data, 'start')

but for some reason nothing is happening Hmmm…


I love your scripts! But I’ve all time the same like in DNA, after closing the menu, I’m freezed…can’t move, can’t use keyboard


That’s probably because you’re using a different name for the resource. It needs to have the name jsfour-criminalrecord as it says on GitHub


Just to say up front , realy love all your scripts jsfour i have nearly all of them on my server , just one question any way on liking this to your mcc police tab , i am having isues with the borregister script ? Again love the work of art you bring us


anyone can open the menu can you make for police only


Yes the MDC script will get an update


Yeah I could make it police only, there will be an update later today