[RELEASE] iZone V1.2


Hi ! Another French Baguette here !

iZone description :

This tool allow you to create a hull concave shape by creating each point. Then, this is save to Db with the zone name.
On Client-Side, just by Triggering an event, you can know if the player is in this shape.
So... ok but what this add to my server ? This allow you to create personalized shape for field zones for example.

iZone download :
iZone.rar (3.3 KB)
iZone.rar (6.3 KB)

iZone usage :
You need permission_level >= 3, or, change the value
In the chat : /izone start
Then press [L] to add points (no limits)
In the chat /izone stop (this will shows a popup to put a name on this zone)

iZone installation
Extract .rar in resources, put “-iZone” into ctmp file.
Import the .sql in a new table named "zone"
Don’t forget to change Db infos.

From Client :

TriggerEvent("izone:isPlayerInZone", "zoneName" ,function(cb)
 -- cb = false or true

TriggerEvent("izone:isPointInZone", x, y,"zoneName" ,function(cb)
 -- cb = false or true

TriggerEvent("izone:tpToPointZone", "zoneName", 2) -- 2 or whatever (the point Index)

TriggerEvent("izone:tpToZone", "zoneName") -- Tp to the first point

TriggerEvent("izone:isPlayerInAnyZone" ,function(cb)
 -- cb contain an Array of zone the Player is in else nil

TriggerEvent("izone:isPointInAnyZone", x, y ,function(cb)


ChangeLog :

v1.2 :

  • Added gravityCenter and longestDistance to the db
  • Stability Improvment : Now if the distance between point and zone is greater than longestDistance, the wind number will not be calculated anymore
  • Now support Restat :cool:
  • Now Ceil the numbers with 2 number after the coma … ouf !

thanks to Maths research and thanks to EssentialMode made by Kanerps.
If you got issue, improvment idea, I take it wih enjoy :slight_smile:

Need help to make Gangwars / Turfs / Territories script like MTAsa have
How do you add a tooltip/notification in the top left of the screen?
Very simple /car command
Zone script

can you do a working example where you retrieve the zone the player is currently at?


Or a screenshot to know what this script really do :slight_smile: please ?

Anyway, thanks for the share :slight_smile:


The script retrieves the coordinates everytime you press L in-game, so its up to you to kind of walk around and draw a shape by pressing L at each point. These coords are then saved into a db like this:

then you have to sort it out and put in into your script:

So far its only just a tool to retrieve the coords, but it would be really cool if the real purpose was posted as an example aswell, which is to check with the server if a player is within this coords/shape and return a message/action. This tool has potential :slight_smile: Im thinking about checking the speed of a vehicle within coods and fine a ticket/tell the player that he is going too fast


Lol, my thank’s message has been deleted :open_mouth:

Can’t speak french to thank’s the french author ? xD


Hey idk if anyone can help me out but ive been looking for essentials 2 all over the place but cant find it… is anyone able to send me a link?

sorry for my grammar im french.


We can’t provide you a link of es2 because we don’t have the right to redistribute this old version (asked by the author of essentialmode)


Update to V1.1 + vidéo, lel quality


Update to V1.2, don’t forget to tell me what I could add about zones :wink:


What are the changes in update v1.2?


There is a changelog, I let you read


I really need to check this, I’ve been looking for some stuff that allows to block players from leaving the prison and stuff like that. Looks great!

Since this is from a long time ago. Did you make any progress you might be so kind to share?

Thank you though!


great job! This is amazing!!! This will help with my community alot. Thank you.


My actual version us so modified, to release a new one I prefer to wait my motivation ^^


I know there are natives that allow to set areas with different premade shapes as circles, spheres and cones, but this one provides incomparable precision tbh.

Would you mind to share it as it is for us to see? Otherwise good job tho, keep it up.


Thank you for this. Was very useful for my farming script.