[RELEASE] info | adds a few commands like /ts3, /website, /servername and more



Attention! If you want to write that this is not difficult to script etc. go ahead, I don’t care!

what is this release?

  • this adds many many commands to your server, that will give newcommers to your server information, how to get on your Teamspeak, your website and more.
  • you can add more commands with the included command.
  • It is a standalone and does not need anything!

list of available commands

/ts3 - shows your setted teamspeak
/website - shows your setted website
/list - shows a list of available commands
/servername - Shows your servername
/youtube - shows your youtube if enabled
/twitch - shows your twitch if enabled
/donate - gives a setted link for donations

here a little screen:
I already fixed the text that shows :sweat_smile:

Why do I release this?

  1. pretty simple: couldn’t find anyone else who had this idea before.
  2. I want that newcomers to fivem and your server are able to get the needed informations they need to play (example; if they want to play on a roleplay server, they get information about how roleplay actualy works)
  3. I want to make your work easier, so you do not have to hang 24/7 in Teamspeak and tell people how roleplay works

thanks for reading and here is the download link:

take a :hamburger:


What are all of the commands?


Here you go


He asked about a list of commands in chat and i send them but if i want to use /ts3 he need to remove debug.ts3 = cfg.ask.ts3 cus that is not a part of the command it is a part of the script so if i want to in when i sad he have to remove ** debug.ts3 = cfg.ask. is so i dont type /debug.ts3 = cfg.ask.ts3 in chat i dident mean to remove the stuff in the config

I just used the config file ass a list of commands but if you guys cant understand that then that is okay i just used the config as a list so i didn’t need to copy paste all the commands but i edited it so



Oh ok now I understand. I will shortly update the topic, so you can see them there in about 5 minutes.
Thanks for mention :slight_smile:


No but im fairly certain there is a rule for releasing resourses created/featured in tutorials. Its so basic and there are hundreds of these “scripts” floating around.